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Abstract: ‘Art provides a means for individuation and self-discovery through material means. Etching is a purely artistic and non-practical process driven by the artists desire to recreate the lost, loved object of the self and its world.’ (Unknown where this came from)

‘Etching is delineation, the most essential element of the visual arts. delineation starts with the first attempt of the child towards self-expression and is the final test of the artist.’ and ‘line is a pictorial shorthand an abstraction, having no reality and no relation to nature. yet it can be evocative, rhythmic with a nervous sensitiveness to the edge of things, instinctive and swift, continuous or broken, selecting and suggesting infinitely more than it actually states.’ -John Buckland-Wright  Etching and engraving techniques and the modern trend pg 83.

Maussion Catalogue – from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia

Reality – modern and contemporary British painting – from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia – ‘A painter does not capture a moment in time as a photographer does: a painting evokes a timescale outside the moment’ (pg 32)



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