Memory – Documents of contemporary art

Whitechapel Gallery – Edited by Ian Farr

quotes that have stuck out to me –

‘in my early work I pretend to speak about my childhood, yet my real childhood has disappeared. I have lied about it so often that I no longer have a real memory of this time, and my childhood has become for me some kind of universal childhood, not a real one.’ – Christian Boltanski

‘Compared to photography, memory’s records are full of gaps.’  ‘Memory does not pay much attention to dates-it skips years or stretches temporal distance’ ‘an individual retains memories because they are personally significant.’ – Siegfried Kracauer

‘Indeed, at times dreams go back so far into an undefined, dateless past that clear memories of our childhood home appear to be detached from us.’ – Gaston Bachelard

‘The need for memory is the need for history.’ ‘what we call memory is in fact a gigantic and breathtaking effort to store the material vestiges of what we cannot possibly remember, thereby amassing an unfathomable collection of things that we might need to recall.’- Pierre Nora

‘The past is present. Something has happened and the echoes are still resonating in my head. They are not becoming more difficult to discern; in fact the echoes are becoming increasingly loud and impossible to escape’ – Daniel Birnbaum

‘An artists appropriate more moments for themselves, they will not be reclaiming them from the media as such, but rather producing their own private mediatizations, turning them into individual experiences for their viewers.’ – Pil &Galia Kollectiv

‘it is a past that is alive and which creates considerable turbulence in the present’ – Birnbaum

‘artists undertake to ”memorize” the monuments of the past, transform them into documents, and lend speech to those traces which, in themselves, are often not verbal, or which say in silence something other than what they actually say’ – ?

‘we fall in love with our technologys, not simply because machines possess augmented and multiple senses ( they see and hear ‘better’, they run faster, are stronger,ect.), but because they control our memories and emotions. – Dyens






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