John Baldessari

Four Men (with Guns Pointed at their Heads), 1988 – black and white photographs laid down on aluminium, black and white and colour photographs in artist frames, in four parts

John Baldessari’s work inspired my own practice in the way that in a lot of his work he is manipulating a photo in a way either blocking out certain parts or cutting them and putting them together in a way that may not make sense to us as a viewer but would make perfect sense to the artist. The way that Baldessari has used the circle’s in the image four men (with guns pointed at their heads) I found very fascinating as he has chosen to block out only the faces with the circles which makes you wonder who are these men? why has he chosen to specifically block out just the face? why do they have a gun pointed at them? and so it raises questions and makes you think more critically about the work and why he has done it, which is something I am interested in when it comes to my own personal work.


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