Charles Maussion

Back of Nude – 1985 – oil paint

I came across Charles Maussion’s work in the Maussion catalogue from the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at University of East Anglia, I found even though the theme of the work definitely fits with my work it was more the way the paint has been used and how soft and delicate the painting looks. The way that you can see what it is but than it also can be difficult to see what it is, the name gives the piece away a lot.

The other work of his that interested me was Portrait – 1974 – acrylic (below) as they both have the same feel but they are completely different topic’s and also the use of tone and colour is quite significantly different but Portrait definitely fits more with my topic as it looks like a pair of people in some sort of embrace even though it is slightly blurry.

Maussion, Charles, b.1923; Portrait

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