George Shaw

Scenes from the Passion: Late     – Enamel paint on board – 2002

George Shaw’s paintings are a huge inspiration to me due to the nostalgia feeling to them as the one shown is of some garages near where he used to live as a child and the fact that he hasn’t tried to glamorize them up in any way they are showing true life and what they look like even though it is probably an ugly sight. A lot of Shaw’s paintings have the same loaded atmosphere to them and they feel quite nostalgic. Shaw’s use of the enamel paint is also quite interesting as this paint is normally used in painting models which is seen as possibly something he may have done as a child which adds to the childhood nostalgia and they are not cheap considering the amount that he uses in a single painting. The feeling of nostalgia that his paintings give are something that I would like to mimic in my own work and the way that he uses a material that you would possibly use in childhood is also something I would like to experiment with.

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