Curating an exhibition


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When curating the exhibition it was interesting to see all the work in one place and to determine what would compliment the work and how to actually hang the work if it needed to be hung. Throughout this process I have found out that curation is definitely not for me, I do wish that I had contributed a little more in the process but also felt too anxious to do this. The way the works were all hung in a different way compared to a normal exhibition was quite interesting because although it was called in-balance the works were all hung differently which would make it seem like it was un-balanced but with all of the works presented like this it made it somehow become in-balance.  It was interesting the experience of an artist giving you their art work to hang and the fear that comes with it as they are trusting you with their work and so you do not want to damage it in any way and also you want to present it in a way that is not going to annoy the artist and take in to considerations there ideas/ themes and feelings.