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Preserve, Reclaim, Transform – Exhibition – It was quite interesting giving your work to a group to curate an exhibition, I found it actually quite freeing as I didn’t have to worry about how my work was going up on the wall, as I had decided to let them decide how it was going to look on the wall and what order my work was going to go in, I decided to leave it my work untitled as I felt that it would ruin my work. I do regret not sticking to deadlines they set as the words put in the booklet are not mine as I forgot to write the 100 words artist statement that they asked for so it is my own fault and so if I was to do it again I would make sure to keep up with contact with the curation team. It was also quite daunting as you can become quite precious over your own work and what you want rather what others want, and where you want your work put but you lose that sense of control over your own work. – Teacher Training

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