Luc Tuymans – ‘The Architect’

The Architect – 1997, Oil on canvas
113 x 144.5 cm

Luc Tuymans ‘The Architect’ has a quite a muted feel to it with the monochromatic paint choice it gives a sense of coldness and emptiness to the piece, I think the fact that the figure hasn’t got a face it has been left stark white is quite interesting because it makes you wonder why Tuymans has done this. The fact that this piece has no face has actually influenced my work quite a lot in the fact that I can see a artwork that doesn’t include a face and it is still very effective and creates questions and intrigues the viewer and makes you look closer at the artwork and think more critically about the art work.

‘The surfaces of Luc Tuymans’ paintings are monochromatic and frail, as if recuperating from a long illness.’ –

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