Johan Willner

Image above : Room #4

Johan Willner’s work is very compelling in the way the photographs give an eerie feeling to them and the amount of emotion that you can read in just a single photograph. I am primary inspired by his series of photographs called boy stories, these photographs are inspiring because they are recreations from his own personal memories that you look at and feel like maybe this is something that you shouldn’t be seeing, The way that he is using the photographs to accept his past and what he has gone through.

I found the photographs interesting as there has been claims that because they are from his own personal memories are they fully true or is there some imagination been added which when I look at the images and the emotion that I see when I look at them I feel like there couldn’t be imagination added but you will never know unless the artist wanted us to know.

‘There is a bluish tinge to many of the pictures, and the framing is static, even when they show people in movement; there’s a sense of people being frozen.’ -

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